I started 2011 as a married woman. And I ended it a married woman. So I think that’s a pretty good year! Whoever said their first year of marriage was perfect was delirious or drunk; or deliriously drunk!

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my husband of one whole year! And what a long year it’s been, whew.

I’ve learned in my life that no matter how hard two people try at marriage, the woman always has to try the hardest. It’s true! Men aren’t good at trying (unless there is a sport involved). Now men, hear me out: Marriage is like cheerleading; females consider it a sport, but males just consider it a silly thing females like to do.

Men, don’t be mad at me, bless your hearts. We love you anyway. When we married you, we knew exactly what we were getting into. If you couldn’t find the hamper before you got married, you sure as heck weren’t going to start after the nuptials.

Unfortunately for Scott I’m very stubborn. And painfully unfortunate for me, Scott is even more stubborn. Boy do we butt heads! But I think that’s why he likes me.

It’s not a serious problem; others even think it’s funny. We are sort of like two old people that have lived alone for 80 years and suddenly had to merge our lifestyles together. I think what might have happened is, he is used to wearing the pants in the relationship, and so am I. Couldn’t we both just bend a little? Well, yes, that sounds logical. But when one of you (him) doesn’t think he needs to bend at all it’s sort of hard to meet in the middle. So I’m going to make it easy (for one of us).

I’m going to bend. No more being stubborn from me. If he insists that the long way is the fastest way to the bypass from our house then I’ll just concede. I know how to pick my battles, and trust me, there are far more important battles that I could tend to. And maybe, just maybe my attitude will catch on and he will bend a little without even realizing it. I won’t hold my breath though, I’m not stupid.

I will still remain the person I am, and still have my opinions. I will simply state my case and rely on the fact that he will do what’s best for us both. I think.

Well, there’s my New Year’s resolution – to lighten up, to give in a little. I hope he will still like me. I hope my head doesn’t pop off.

As corny as it seems, I really do like the idea of a New Year’s resolution. And I want to succeed at mine, so maybe for the sake of succeeding I need to think of another one too. You know, as back-up.

Last year my resolution went really well. I resolved to only shop consignment or thrifty stores for my clothes. And I did it for a whole year!! I loved it so much that I’m continuing it into 2012.

But there was something else that I’ve been thinking about for a few months now, and that’s changing our diets to gluten-free. Perhaps that will be easier than bickering with Scott over the fastest way to Greensboro?

After investigating this this extremely delicate switch, and searching the Internet for insight I’ve realized that I need more time to prepare, and I need a Trader Joe’s closer to home than Chapel Hill. I’d love to hear from anyone who has chosen to be or must be on a gluten-free diet.

But, back to the immediate resolution – since I’m still in the process of Habitual Behavior 101, and making real progress, I’ll continue to focus on that. I have certain things under control, while other things still need lots of work. I’ll tell you more about that in the February issue.

OK, so to recap – in 2012 I’m going to stop bickering with Scott, eventually cut out gluten, and continue to teach the kids the value of life.

Whew. I’ve got my work cut out for me this year. Have I taken on too much? Nah, I’m raising 5 kids, 2 dogs and a cat. Resolutions are meant to better your life and/or your health, right? I’ll make it work, and if I have to give up something it’ll definitely be the bickering. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


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Misty Brooks

The mother to five children, Misty is forever forgetting where her cell phone may be or maybe never was. She loves the beach, animals, thrift shopping, and discovering new paths.