Recently, I was pleased to get out yet another bundle of summertime attire from storage bins — swimsuits! It’s pool season and that makes me super happy. I’ve already been stocking up on poolside snacks when they are on sale. The warm weather seems to finally be here to stay so let’s go swimming. The pool is the best babysitter money can buy. Although, I don’t actually leave the children at the pool, I can sit back, relax, read, listen to tunes, or just watch the other moms who have toddlers and be glad I’m not one of them — but only in 15 minutes intervals — because that’s about how long it takes before an argument breaks out over a dive stick, noodles, or whose cannonball caused the biggest splash. But I’ll take it. If I had to chase a baby around a pool all day I think I would probably scream. (I have to tell myself that so I won’t be envious of the moms with toddlers!)

To really celebrate and give a proper kick-off to pool season, I thought it was only fitting that we take our first plunge in a swimming pool located at our new favorite hotel in Myrtle Beach. Yeah, best idea I’ve had all year. Well, next to the idea that got me to the beach in April.

You know me; I will find any reason to go to the beach. The Reef at South Myrtle is our home while in Myrtle. Talk about a great babysitter. The Reef has a DJ at the pool from 11am to 7pm. He’s fun; he plays games, does line dancing, and offers karaoke. It keeps the children occupied all day. Plus there’s a bar that serves great smoothies, or other drinks if the karaoke gets to be too much.

Along with our mid-summer trip to the beach, the children and I have gone to Virginia Beach the week of Memorial Day every year for 12 years. My choice there is the Schooner Inn. There’s nothing spectacular about it. It’s cheap, it’s clean, and has a heated pool. That meets my criteria for a great place. I love the boardwalk at Virginia Beach, but love the warmer ocean temperature at Myrtle. So this year we opted for warmer water.

I ask Scott every year to put a pool in the backyard and to buy a house at the beach. Why does he always say no?! I pride myself on only asking for things I need. I don’t get it. I think I need to have (another) serious talk with him. I even invited him to the beach this year. Kidding! He hates the beach and chooses not to go with us. I’m sure he loves having a quiet house for a week. He probably doesn’t even go in to work those weeks. I take the children to the beach a couple times a year, and I go at least four times. Scott has been to the beach with me three times in eight years. I went whitewater rafting with him once. That should be good for at least 20-25 trips to the beach with me!

The summer semester at DCC starts June 2, and luckily my course only lasts for four weeks. So I figure I’ll need to go back to the beach again in July to celebrate school ending for the summer. We’re leaving on the 20th. You’ve got plenty of time to pack. See you there.

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