It’s February again. Host to my least favorite holiday ever — Valentine’s Day. I say it every year, so I’ll spare you the details of how I think a day to celebrate love is silly.

But since the theme is love and that just won’t go away, ever, I may as well find something “lovely” to write about. Maybe something with a non-romantic twist.

There are a MILLION things I love in this world. I’m the girl who appreciates the small stuff, the simple things. When life gets mean, you have to remember what you love. Trust me — my life is hateful at times, as I’m sure yours is too. But we have to remember why we keep pressing forward and keeping chasing the dream of dreams.

I’ve been in a funk lately. It’s been hard to put words to paper. So as I get over myself and celebrate the things I love — from the silly stuff to the most important. I also want to incorporate some things my friends and family love, too!

A few of the things I love


The smell of lavender

Sunrises and sunsets

Family gatherings


The moon


Hot showers

Almond milk

Clean sheets

Thrift stores

Watching deer in my back yard


The pool

Reality TV


Will & Grace reruns

Sweet tea




The beach

My children

My husband

And lastly, my 30s.

This month I will leave behind my 30s.

My 40th birthday is February 13th. The gift I want from all of you is to make a list of things you love. Keep it close and refer to it often. You will realize that even on your worst day there are still things worth smiling about!

About The Author

Misty Brooks

The mother to five children, Misty is forever forgetting where her cell phone may be or maybe never was. She loves the beach, animals, thrift shopping, and discovering new paths.