I had no idea what to write this month, so at the last minute, and right before Paul had my head on a stick, I came up with this. It was Saturday evening and I was reflecting on my busy week. Here’s what I did…

Monday April 16

Went for groceries. I’m addicted to the self-check-out! Had to take Kendall to dance for a quick run through of her number, Corey and Spencer to the first baseball game of the season, and Tucker to soccer pictures and practice. Luckily baseball and soccer were in the same park and dance didn’t take long since the recital is next week!!

Tucker fell off the top bleacher and landed on his elbow. Scott took him home to ice it. Jason, Kendall and I stayed to root the boys on.

Tuesday April 17

Took Tucker to get an x-ray. His arm was swollen down to his fingers and it’s very sore. Miraculously, it’s only a little crack. He got a hard splint and nice black sling. He is very excited he didn’t have to get a cast. And thankfully tonight Kendall only has dance for a few minutes. I get to cook supper for a change! Happy birthday, Cameron!

Wednesday April 18

I did a mound of laundry today, but what’s new. Kendall had dance and Corey and Spencer had another baseball game. It was a cold and rainy today and a ball field is the last place I wanted to be. But guess what…no one cares.

After everyone was in bed, I left for Wal-Mart. I’m going on a DC field trip with Spencer in the morning and need some snacks! Happy birthday, Nikki!

Thursday April 19

We got up at 4am, left home at 4:40 and boarded at 5:00. It was nice to be able to go back to sleep once we got settled in. Spencer wasn’t happy I made him sit with me. But if he hadn’t he would have surely been thrown off the bus.

My mom took Tucker to the doctor to have his splint adjusted a little but when it was removed he could move his arm quite a bit and had minimal pain. So no more splint!

Friday April 20

We got back at midnight and had a great day. The weather was perfect and everyone had a really nice time. We toured the Smithsonian for hours. There is a LOT to see in there. I have to admit my favorite was the Insect Zoo, but everything was very fascinating. After a picnic lunch at the mall, we walked to the Capitol Building. There’s a bit of construction going on. We got some nice pictures on the stairs. When we got over to Pennsylvania Avenue we quickly learned that Obama was on the move. He’d gone to lunch some time ago and was headed back. We waited for him in the only section of sidewalk we were allowed to stand while a man on the White House porch looked at us with binoculars. We didn’t get to see Obama come home, but he waved at us from his SUV a block from his home.

I’m getting tired and my feet are starting to hurt.

In 4 hours I have to wake up for another adventure…

Saturday April 21

Yesterday at 5am Tucker and I woke up to go on his field trip to Jamestown! My legs are a soooo sore! We had a lot of fun though. Tucker was pretty upset that we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the museum. I let him use my camera and boy did he use it! We have pictures of everything! I think his favorite part was seeing the musket being fired. He really was on his best behavior yesterday and I’m very proud of him.

I really have no feeling from the waist down. My back hurts from sleeping on a bus two days in a row.

This morning Corey, Spencer and Tucker had a soccer game. I really didn’t want Tucker to play. I’d already told his coach he was out for the season. I wrapped it up just so he would be reminded that it’s still sore. He did great. His team lost. Corey and Spencer played well in the game, but lost as well.

Jason and his girlfriend Erica went to her prom tonight. She came over so Scott could take some pictures of them with his new fancy camera. They looked gorgeous and I know they are having a blast right now!

I’ve done more laundry today and complained about how sore my legs are.

Wonder what next week will hold…

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