Well, our recent beach trip was a total flop! The weather stated nothing but clear skies and hot temperatures for the week of or trip. But Mother Nature had something else in mind.

It rained every day we were there. And it was about 60 degrees outside. The rain was blowing sideways. It was by far the worst trip I’d ever taken to the beach. Not to mention I have five kids in the room…and only one TV! There were a few indoor pools around the property of our condo, but seriously….how many restless kids can a few tiny pools hold?

Just before I snapped I decided to take the kids somewhere they’d never been before. Somewhere magical. Somewhere they wouldn’t soon forget. Some place that would set me back a pretty penny….a seafood buffet!

Ahhh, the crab leg station didn’t know what hit it when my crew arrived. Our table was totally quiet except for the cracking of shells and Tucker asking for crab legs. I’m not sure how many crab legs the kids ate that evening, but I wasn’t really feeling it this particular day, so I only had 2 platefuls. I was depressed by all the foods I couldn’t eat. There was butter in every dish. I think, if you are lactose intolerant you should be allowed to pay the kids’ buffet price. But oh well. It was their first seafood buffet and we all had a delicious time.

Once home, I was busy cramming in all the activities that I could. We went bowling, swimming, skating, going to movies, fishing, eating watermelon on the deck, roasting marshmallows, cooking out with our friends and their kids, and keeping Sweet Frog in business…I thought we’d take another road trip.

The day we went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science is another little adventure sure to go down in history.

We set out mid-morning and everything was going smoothly. The temperature was great. And half-way to Greensboro Tucker said he didn’t feel well. I hear that a lot from Tucker, poor fella has IBS, but he also likes to fake illnesses. He wasn’t ‘acting’ like he felt bad; he just said it a few times. As we got into Greensboro we stopped by Chick-fil-A. Everyone, including Tucker, ate all of their lunch. But about a half a mile from our destination Tucker was laying down in the floor of my vehicle. Before I found somewhere to pull off, we were at the museum.

I didn’t give much attention to his ailment; Tucker was the first one out- ready to go! I didn’t ask how he felt, and he didn’t tell me. He stood in line for his bug spray and sunscreen (this museum also has a zoo, too) and off we went.

We checked in- and thanks to the Science Museum membership we bought at the Danville Science Center- our visit was free. Tucker hadn’t complained the first time. We went to the petting zoo first. The sheep were stinky, but friendly. I think we petted them all. We saw miniature horses, alpacas, donkeys, and Kendall “milked” a plastic cow with “working” utters.

We headed down the hill to the exotic animals and just as we were in awe of the Gibbons Monkeys…Tucker threw up right on the trail – and had a nose bleed simultaneously. So yes, it appeared as though he was….yeah….don’t make me say it.

When Tucker finally looked up, I pinched his nose shut, sent Spencer for paper towels, and Kendall for a staff member. By the time Spencer found paper towels Tucker’s face was covered in blood, as were my hands. I sat Tucker down with the dry paper towels and went back after some wet ones.

Corey heaves when someone spits, so he got a break from this little ordeal.

Meanwhile, a bucket of water had arrived and all the evidence was gone. Until….he did it again. This time I managed to get him off the trail and into the woods. About that time, a staff member showed up with a wheelchair. Tucker was excited! And the others were excited to get to wheel him to the car.

But the tigers were just ahead and Tucker wanted to see them, so I figured we’d see them, then leave. But he felt better, so we stayed and Tucker was wheeled through the entire zoo and museum. He only stood up to see the live two-headed turtle they have in their Herpetarium.

Well, I wonder what next month holds. Hopefully nothing some good food and a bucket of water can’t rinse away!!


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Misty Brooks

The mother to five children, Misty is forever forgetting where her cell phone may be or maybe never was. She loves the beach, animals, thrift shopping, and discovering new paths.