Winter went away like a psycho ex, didn’t it? (Don’t act like you’ve never been a psycho ex.)  This winter also kind of reminds me of turning 40 — I went into it hoping for the best, but it turned out unexpected, strange, inconvenient, and dreadful.

So far, I’m still looking forward to 40. I’ll embrace it. I’ll make it the best. It’ll be fun.  After all, I can’t make it go away. I’m healthy, I feel good, plus I’m proud to have made it this far. Life is tough! Forty years living in this world is something to be celebrated, right? So now what? We’ll I’ll tell you. Here is a list of things I’ve observed from 40somethings…

When you hit 40-years old, you…

need those cute little reader glasses you’ve seen ‘older’ people wearing.

gain five pounds for no reason at all.

have to choose another age range on the online symptom checker.

have to use an online symptom checker.

remember moving with spring when you were young and cute? Well, now it’s arthritis.

used to turn heads, get flirted with. Now you get a handshake and the door held for you, if you’re lucky.

leave home early to tan instead of reading the paper and walking the dog before work.

now have cellulite on the front of your legs.

spend your extra money on facials and wrinkle creams because you can’t stop tanning.

think tanning makes you look younger.

shop for new clothes, but are too old for all the styles you like.

base your hang-out spots according to the lighting so your skin will look its best.

have hair growing in places you didn’t know hair follicles lived.

look into hair removal treatments.

are aware that you now meet the criteria for more health issues and sicknesses.

are now officially old enough for your wants not to hurt you.

are aware that your hairdresser has to use the gray coverage series for your base color now.

can’t sleep in no matter how hard you try. Your internal clock says, “Get up! You are too old to lie around. You need to take advantage of your life while there’s still time!”

can’t wear the heavy eye makeup you used to. Now, you just look stupid.

can’t defy gravity.

But on the flip side you…

buy a new car simply because you’ve lived a long time and you deserve one.

have lost all those crazy friends you should have cut loose long ago because they have now cut themselves loose.

will finally be able to have healthy, mature friendships now that the crazy friends are gone.

realize that the great love life you had in your 30s is stronger in your 40s.

finally take care of yourself with yoga, salads, and expensive coffee.

are a better parent to your children.

are thankful for every day, and not just the weekends.

only have to work 30 more years before you can retire.

have a lot of experience under your belt.

have learned already not to judge others. Now you learn not to judge yourself.

are more in tune with your body than ever before.

suddenly buy a lot of plants.

use your free time resting.

start thinking about taking a big trip you could never afford before.

still can’t afford a big trip, but you don’t care.

trade in your heels for flats.

spend more time listening and less time talking.

look for bargains.

make sure your bra is top of the line.

put others before yourself.

I know, I’ve become a bit obsessed about turning 40. I can’t help it. It’s a big deal to me. I feel established, accomplished, and comfortable. And right this minute, I have just 10 years until I’m 50. Yikes.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy this decade and reflect on all the things in life I’m thankful for. And I promise not to remind you every month how old I am.

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Misty Brooks

The mother to five children, Misty is forever forgetting where her cell phone may be or maybe never was. She loves the beach, animals, thrift shopping, and discovering new paths.

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