“What in the world am I writing about?” That was the first line written in this column that started two years ago this month. As I try to think of an answer to that question now, the truth is… I still don’t know. Last month, I spoke about adding plant-based meals to my diet, and the month before it was discussing the promising year Danville had in 2020, despite COVID-19. Obviously there’s no pattern here.

And speaking of COVID-19, how many of us thought it would now be a year later and we would still be wearing masks, social distancing and having capacities capped everywhere you turn? But as we enter spring once again, I’m reminded of that old phrase “hope springs eternal.” I am filled with hope. I believe we are turning a corner. When my number was called, I rolled up my sleeve for the COVID vaccine. (Both doses by the time you read this). I encourage you all to get the vaccine as soon as you can. It is the quickest, and possibly only, way we will be able to return to “normal” life.

With that being said, what is a normal life? My first column two years ago spoke about how social media has made people think everything has to be perfect, but we all know that’s just a facade. Even when COVID-19 is a distant memory, things won’t be perfect. They never were. Life will continue to be a beautiful mess. There will be moments of wonder, sadness, happiness and heartbreak all rolled into one. I’m here for it.

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Lee is a pop culture database with a quirky search engine. Lee lives in Danville with his wife Blair, their son Kingston and two cats, Marshall and Gray. In his spare time, Lee is a member of Danville City Council; the youngest member ever elected.