Happy Anniversary, Showcase. As we celebrate fifteen years of Showcase Magazine with this issue, I thought it might be a good time to think of my own history with this company and this magazine.

I started with Showcase in the spring of 2013, just a few years out of college and not quite a year into my first term on City Council. My areas of study in college were political science and mass communications/media studies, so to be able to work in the two fields that I studied for was a welcome opportunity.

The cover of Showcase is something we take a lot of pride in, and I’ve been able to be there for most of them over the last several years. Whether it was walking on the runway at the Danville airport, or standing in the middle of what was once Dan River Mills and will soon be Caesars Virginia, I’ve had the opportunity to work with our photographers on some amazing shoots.

In my eight years with Showcase, I’ve been able to meet, and work with, some amazing people, and companies. You’ll see many of them in this very magazine. I’ve also learned a lot along the way. For the past eight years, I’ve worked for a small business and worked with hundreds more. They truly are the backbone of our economy. In the past year especially, I’ve learned to appreciate them even more. So please support these local businesses that you see in the pages of this magazine. They not only make the magazine possible, but they also make our local economy possible.

For fifteen years, Showcase has shone a light on all the great things happening in our region. I’ve had the pleasure of being on board for roughly half of those fifteen years, and I’m looking forward to many more years ahead. We’re just getting started.

About The Author

Marketing Director

Lee is a pop culture database with a quirky search engine. Lee lives in Danville with his wife Blair, their son Kingston and two cats, Marshall and Gray. In his spare time, Lee is a member of Danville City Council; the youngest member ever elected.