“But time makes you bolder. Children get older. I’m getting older too.” -Landslide, Dixie Chicks (Originally performed by Fleetwood Mac)

Time has wound its way through my soul and kept me here another year. Happy birthday to me.

Time has given me wrinkles and six gray hairs! Time has given me true friends. Time has taught me to invest in what really matters.

Time is a teacher. Time is a friend. Time is life. And life is a limited time offer.

I learned long ago not to wish my time away. You will never hear me say on Monday morning “I wish it was Friday.” That’s just silly. Time is precious people! Love every day. And respect time. It’s all we’ve got.

At the beginning of this month I started keeping a journal of the things I do on a daily basis. And let me tell you…I do way more laundry than I ever thought. But, I wanted to see where my time was going. If you too are asking “where did the time go?” in any particular day then we are in the same club.

I have very little time to spare as it is. Sure I waste time on Facebook every day, and that stupid game I play on my cell phone sometimes, but I think I’m allowed that.  We all are. We need balance in life. There must be some down time. You can’t always work, and you can’t always play. Finding the right mixture is the key. (Some are better at that than others.)

In a typical day of the typical person there is much haste, but doing what? Did shopping for that sweater online really save you time? Maybe, but only until you fell victim to the sidebar of “Items you may also like.” Now you will really be looking forward to Friday because it’s when your new sweater, boots, and scarf arrive!

And don’t even get me started on procrastination. And yes, I’m guilty too. There are a number of things I dread doing, like bathing dogs and going to DMV with my marriage certificate to change my last name on my driver’s license.

What do we tend to do while procrastinating? Crazy things such as organizing everything in the pantry and refrigerator by color following the Roy G Biv system because we dreaded mowing grass.

I once started sorting all of Jason’s old clothes according to season and size to avoid cooking supper. That was the night we ate scrambled eggs, baked beans, and chicken rice because Corey cooked.

And by the way, which comes first the dread or the procrastination?

I really don’t have much to say this month, but I do want to say this; We are all blessings to this Earth and should use our time wisely. I’m thankful for time. Thankful for life. Take a good look at your life and make sure you aren’t wasting time. Don’t hate the time, hate the clock.

About The Author

Misty Brooks

The mother to five children, Misty is forever forgetting where her cell phone may be or maybe never was. She loves the beach, animals, thrift shopping, and discovering new paths.